How to Find a Free Physics Homework Helper

Finding a homework helper can be tricky, you need someone who has knowledge of the subject, someone who finds the subject relatively easy to explain and has patience to give you an in depth tuition of some of the main concepts if you are finding the subject difficult. Finding this calibre of helper is doubly difficult if you are studying Math or Science subjects.

If you check online you may find that there are several reputable websites that can offer physics homework support. Some offer support in particular Physics topics, they may offer u-tube type presentations that can give demonstrations of work you are covering on your syllabus and have encountered in the classroom. Revision like that is always a good starting point for any homework.

Some websites will offer 1-1 support or tuition. You may be able to get a free session but after that you will probably have to pay for the support. Some websites will offer a writer to do your homework for you, for a fee!

Tutor. If you need help with your Physics homework it may be a good idea to start off with your tutor. Ask your tutor what they suggest?

  • They may suggest some ideas for tackling your homework if they haven't already provided that information to the class.
  • They may suggest some practical activities that may provide you with some additional ideas for your homework or extended learning.

Friends. Talk with your friends or other students in the class.

  • They may have similar difficulties to yourself.
  • They may already have some support for their Physics homework and be happy to share with you the support they already have.

Study group. This is a great way of providing support.

  • A study/support group may already exist in your school, you just need to know how to join and when to go. You may also like to check whether it has been formed by a group of students or one of the more senior students has formed the group. Either way make sure that a study group meets your needs.
  • If you just need support for one piece of physics homework then this may not work for you. To just dip in and out as and when may not meet the needs of the group.

You may have an older brother or sister or even parent that you may be able to approach for some Physics homework advice, you never know unless you ask.

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