How Does Homework Help Students: Suggestions From Experts

Despite the opinions of most students, homework isn’t a waste of time. Though it may feel like it, especially in the increasingly busy life of students, it serves a purpose, and helps students.

  • Practice makes perfect- As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and the process of completing assignments is essentially practice for not only the test, but also the practical application of the subject in every day life. While students may be able to follow their teacher as they walk them through a problem, that understanding is shallow, can be easily lost or forgotten. Actually doing the problem themselves, on the other hand, creates a more profound understanding of the materials. And, doing the problem several times in homework, better cements that understanding.
  • It develops critical thinking skills- One of the most valuable skills that any student can develop is the skill of critical thinking. No matter the subject, being able to think critically about a problem, and figure out how it can be solved, can make any student successful in their studies. And, beyond school, these same skills will make anyone successful in life. Critical thinking is one of the skills most sought after by employers. When students must work through a problem, or develop an argument in a paper, one their own, they are forced to use critical thinking, because there is no one there to tell them how to do it like in school.
  • It builds confidence- When a student is working on an assignment, and they come up against a problem that they are struggling to solve, they must learn to work through bump in the road, and find a way to solve it. This is an important step in students building confidence in their own abilities—every time they struggle with their assignment, and figure out a way to complete it, they come to believe in their own abilities a little more. This is critical when it comes time for a test and they find a problem they’re not initially sure how to solve. It is also crucial when it comes to solving problems and completing work projects when they enter the workforce.
  • It creates accountability- So many things in life are deadline driven—work projects, bills, taxes—so it is important that students learn early on to meet deadlines. Homework assignments are a big part of this. They teach students to manage their time in order to get the work done in time.

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