Pros And Cons Of Listening To Music While Doing Homework

A lot of publications, both offline and online, show that listening to music while doing homework has several benefits. Some of these benefits include improved attention level, prolonged memorization and improved ability to mentally do math. One thing that most students have failed to concern themselves with is the type of music that they should listen to and if there are any pros and cons that are associated with listening to music while carrying out any academic tasks, especially assignments. Remember that another name for the effect of listening to music while studying is “Mozart effect” and there is a reason why it is named so.

During the early days when researchers started propagating the benefits of listening to music while doing homework, the type of music they listen to as at that time and the ones the students listen to now are not the same. This simply means that the effects students experience then may be different from what is obtainable in this age of hip hop and other lyrics-filled music. On this note, listed below are some of the pros and cons of this practice. They are as follows:


  • Improved attention level
  • Ability to maintain prolonged memorization
  • Improved ability to mentally solve math
  • Minimizes depression during studies


    Impaired performances Lack of concentration with the wrong music Diminishing cognitive abilities

These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of listening to music why doing homework. However, students should note that the effect varies from one person to the other and from task to task. For example, playing music without lyrics while trying to solve math can be soothing but that is not the case when it is the opposite. A student that is trying to memorize certain phrases has no business listening to music with lyrics while studying. This is especially if the student is not used to multitasking. He or she easily gets confused by the words being dished out by the artist and the ones he or she is trying to memorize.

This is why when it comes to the issue of the pros and cons of listening to music while studying, it becomes a matter of choice. If playing cool music during your studies helps to sooth your nerves, then you can go for it. If however, it does the opposite for you as a student, there is no need going with the trend. Stick to what works for you – quietness. Now that you know this, make a choice of how your homework is done – with or without music. It’s up to you.

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