How to Use a Free Online Homework Chat to Your Advantage

A free online chat is a great way to get your homework assignment not only solved but also individually explained to you so that you understand the solution. Follow these simple rules to make most of a homework chat.

  • Prepare a list of questions beforehand.
  • Look at your assignment. What questions would you like to clarify? Make a list, and keep it close when you start looking for a homework chat. This way you will surely not forget the questions you need to ask.

  • Choose by subject.
  • Many homework chats specialize in a particular subject: math, science, or history. Read the conditions on the website to make sure you ask your homework question in a relevant chat.

  • Check the terms of use.
  • The very term “free homework chat” can be confusing as there is no single conventional meaning. Customer support chats on the websites of writing services are free, but they are not for asking homework questions. You may use them only to get a price quote. Meanwhile, living tutorship chats are exactly what you need to get your homework solved. Search every website you discover for a clear notion that their chat is free and with a live tutor.

  • Find out who is to work on your homework problem.
  • Before you request a session, check the website for information on tutors. Of course their real names would hardly be disclosed (many free tutors work as school teachers or even university professors, and such a disclosure might damage their careers), but at least you should be able to see their academic credentials.

  • Look for individual chats.
  • Free homework chats can be divided in two main types – group and individual ones. Group chats, where one tutor is messaging with several students at once, are less desirable to use. You might have to wait for a reply for a longer time, and some of your messages might be overlooked by the tutor. Meanwhile, during an individual session, all the tutor’s attention will belong to you and your homework problem.

  • Do not hesitate to ask any clarifying questions.
  • An individual tutorship session is your opportunity to get this kind of problems explained so that you can easily solve him in the future on your own. Your teacher in the class is not always able to deliver such explanations as he or she works with a group, not with you individually. If you don’t understand something about the tutor’s solution, ask to clarify it right away. Getting immediate feedback and tailored explanations is a great advantage of homework help chats.

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