How To Do My Social Studies Homework Quickly

There’s nothing worse than having homework hanging over your head and wondering when your social studies will ever get done. It’s hard to focus on other things knowing you still have to do the work on time. What would give you a better feeling is to know you can get your social homework done each day quickly, efficiently and ready to hand in on time. The following steps will help you to accomplish this goal.

  1. Plan your schedule a week in advance. Of course, you will need to add things to it along the way, but keeping an updated schedule will help show you what you need to concentrate on. Your weekends should also be planned out, so they don’t become a waste of valuable time.
  2. Your homework should be done at school as much as possible. You can even take advantage of spares, free time, lunch time after you’ve finished eating and so on. Some weekend time could also be dedicated to do your homework.
  3. When you’ve planned out specific work time, let your friends know not to disturb you, and make sure you don’t answer the phone, send texts or check your favorite social sites.
  4. Estimate the time it will take to keep your school work done, and set a timer. Do as much as you can within the time on your timer. Then you can take a few minutes break before you start back to work again. Using a timer helps speed things up. You are less likely to sit and daydream or get distracted by other things. For example, let’s say you have 2 chapters to read in your textbook and 6 questions to answer for each one. You estimate it will take 30 minutes to read the first chapter and another 30 minutes to answer the 6 questions. Set your timer and start to read. Underline or take notes as you go along. It will help you find the answers more quickly. When the timer dings, get up and stretch your legs. If you haven’t finished reading, allot some more time. Keep doing this procedure until all the reading and questions are finished.
  5. You will notice as time goes by that your social work will get done quicker and more efficiently because you will be trained to follow your schedule and to use a timer to keep you focused and on the right track.

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