Why Should We Have Homework: Pro's And Con's 

Many students feel that homework is the bane of their existence. We’re going to examine some of the pros and cons of homework in this article, just so readers can make up their own minds.


Homework provides students with practice

One of the primary reasons that professors assign homework is to provide their students with practice. Being able to repeat the lessons they have learned in class can give students the opportunity to really absorb their lessons.


Homework is a huge time waster

Students who are capable of learning their lessons during class often hate homework because they consider a huge waste of time. That’s understandable, especially when homework is assigned purely as a practice regimen.


Homework encourages discipline

Homework encourages students to learn how to budget their time so that they are able to devote time to studying, despite the fact that they may prefer to use their time doing other things. There are many reasons why a student may prefer to devote their time to other obligations, including the need to work a second (or even third) job, the fact that they need to care for their children, the fact that they have taken on the role of caregiver for an elderly individual, or any number of other reasons.


Homework may simply be presented as a way to ensure that the student is devoting the majority of their time to schooling, which may not be a realistic goal. As noted above, most students have other obligations which easily outweigh those imposed by schooling.


Learning to work independently

Another reason why professors might push homework as a necessary part of a student’s curriculum is the fact that it supports the student’s ability to work independently. Learning to work in an independent manner means that students will not depend on those in managerial positions in the future to determine what the student needs to do in order to please the upper ranks.


While learning to work independently might be one of the rationale that professors use to justify homework, it’s hardly a complete justification. There are numerous other ways in which professors might prepare students to carry out independent work aside from forcing them to do homework which does not otherwise increase their understanding of the lessons being taught. It takes only a little effort on the part of the teacher to improve this strategy.

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