A List of Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Have Homework

For a long time, homework was considered to an inherent part of schooling. Since the beginning of the 20th century, some countries tried to limit the amount of home tasks, especially for younger kids. Nowadays, a lot of educators clamor against homework. Here are some reasons to forgo written assignments at school:

  1. Having a lot of homework does not lead to good results.

    Recent research does not show much interrelation between the amount of homework and academic achievement. Countries where kids traditionally work at home a lot generally do not demonstrate better results, according to international surveys.

  2. Homework often de-motivates students.

    Tedious and monotonous tasks can only put kids off of learning. Children, as well as adults, have to be motivated to work efficiently. Just one visit to an amusement park or natural history museum can do more than hundreds of pages to read.

  3. Kids learn from their environments.

    In the 21st century, most children in developed countries learn 24/7. Websites and education software can substitute obsolete written exercises.

  4. Children need time for play.

    A lot of students suffer from diseases, which is connected with the couch-potato lifestyle. Child obesity has become a real problem in many countries. Making them sit over their homework instead of riding a bike or playing soccer will only worsen the situation. For another thing, younger children need play time, and using this time to do homework can hinder early learning experiences.

  5. Students need rest.

    It is essential for children to have ten hours of sleep. Making them work late at night damages their health. The lack of sound rest influences perception and attention, and finally makes children less successful at school.

  6. Families need time to spend together.

    Resent surveys show that having enough family time can positively affect academic achievements and kids’ behaviors. Moreover, huge amounts of homework can lead to domestic difficulties, and even increase drop-out rates.

  7. Most homework does not teach good work habits.

    It sounds surprising, but performing inescapable tasks does not improve working skills. Students do not learn how to arrange their activities, which is important when you become an adult.

  8. Written home tasks put students into an uneven playing field.

    There are a lot of kids whose parents cannot provide them with comfortable, well-lit workspaces and support in their studies. Some of them have to babysit their siblings. Asking them to do the same amount of homework as other students seems unfair.

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