Negative aspects of using online homework help

The young college freshman is greatly inundated with many opportunities to hire someone to do their homework assignment in exchange for money. Many students unknowingly pursue an offer of paying someone to assist them in completing their homework assignments. The college freshman should be aware of the many risk involved with hiring someone to do their work.

There are so many risk in allowing a person to do your homework especially if you receive the help from someone online. It is very hard to trust someone from an online source. You as the student may be unaware of the credibility of the person whom you have hired. Another risk that will possible plague the young student is that the hired assistant may not do the work correctly.

In the event you allow some other person to complete your assignments, pay them for their services, and submit your homework to your instructor, you can run the risk of submitting plagiarized work. Plagiarism with some instructors could result in the failing of the class overall. Plagiarism could even cost some students to get expelled from the school altogether.

The following tips highlight some of the various risk factors when a student hires someone to complete their homework assignments

  • The assignment not getting completed at all or in a timely manner.
  • Being unaware of your assistant’s true identity
  • Receiving inaccurate work
  • Receiving an unoriginal homework assignment
  • Pay the assistant and not receiving the desired work assignment
  • Being unaware of the going rates and overpaying
  • The student will not understand the material and possible fail a final exam

A huge risk the student will take when paying someone to complete their assignments is not understanding and comprehending the course material. The sole purpose of receiving homework assignments is so you the student will be able to mediate and study the prescribed coursework. The student not being able to understand their coursework hurts the student the most. A heavy course load is meant to build character for the student. Having character and integrity is important for any college student for their future professional career.

You the student should take into account all of the potential risks and pitfalls before you hire someone to help with your homework assignments. Make sure the person you hire is a credible person. Make sure you the student still understand your course material before possibly hiring an assistant. Just say: Make my hw!!! - and provide your details.

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